Paula Perotte for Goleta City Council

A Letter From Paula

(From the Independent)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soon after Election Day comes Thanksgiving and as always I have much to be grateful for. This year some public thanks are also necessary.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Goleta City Council election­to the organizations that sent questionnaires and held forums to inform the public, to everyone who attended forums, community meetings, coffees and who welcomed me as I went door-to-door to hear what people want for Goleta, to the organizations and individuals who endorsed me, to the media for covering the candidates and issues, and especially to every person who voted to decide who should serve Goleta.

I thank my campaign coordinator Gina Fischer, my treasurer Bob Wignot and every individual who advised, supported and walked for me. I am grateful to each person who contributed, with as little as $10 and some much more, to help me get my views in front of the voters.

Most of all I thank my family­my husband Peter and his parents, Jean and Jim, who were indescribably patient and supportive and my daughters Kirsten and Kaycie who I hope see my candidacy as another example of all that is possible in this day and age for both men and women.

Ultimately, I know that the best way to show my thanks is to live up to my campaign commitment to keep Goleta the “Good Land” in the face of the changes and challenges ahead. As Goleta’s newest city councilmember, I intend to do just that.

- Paula


Paula's Campaign Ad


Paula endorsed by The Independent!

This just in! Paula has been endorsed by the Santa Barbara Independent. This is what they had to say:

"For the third seat, we endorse Paula Perotte, a strong progressive candidate with the hometown support and legislative experience to get the job done. Perotte’s years building up a community around Brandon School teamed with her considerable roles within the PTA­ where she now serves at a statewide level­have provided the perfect training to both bring greater civic involvement in Goleta City Hall and wade through the intricacies of planning. It’s only an added bonus that Perotte also boasts the endorsements of the regional leaders we admire for keeping the South Coast a wonderful place to live."

View the article here.


A Few Words From Paula

Dear Neighbor,

For 27 years my husband and I have lived, worked and raised our two daughters in Goleta. We’ve enjoyed its special character – small town feel, flourishing agricultural and local businesses, wonderful ocean and mountain views and great recreation opportunities such as Ellwood Mesa and Girsh Park. I want to continue Goleta’s progress and I’ll work hard to:

  • preserve our environment and ensure that development
    respects our natural and agricultural resources
  • improve our community safety, focusing on safe pedestrian
    and bicycle routes and more transportation options
  • be responsive to residents’ needs for basic and vital services,
    really listening and meeting our challenges

I’d be honored to earn your vote and support. Working together, I know we can ensure that today’s Goleta and the one we leave for our children will be better than ever.


Paula Perotte



Paula Perotte
Committed to keeping our community safe
and preserving the environment