A Note of Gratitude

After 8 years on Goleta’s City Council, I am honored to have won Goleta’s first mayoral election and look forward to serving as Mayor for the next two years. I am committed to doing all that I can to ensure a sustainable future for our entire community.

This has been an amazing, challenging, and exciting experience, and it couldn’t have happened without the help of many friends and supporters. I am deeply thankful for…

  • …all my many, many endorsers and hardworking supporters, whether you donated $10 or $1,000, or walked for me or put a sign up on your lawn, made phone calls or talked to friends. Every one of these actions contributed to the success of our grassroots campaign, and more than compensated for our limited budget.
  • … all the voters. No matter who you voted for, thank you for taking an active part in our democracy and this important election.
  • …my campaign manager and treasurer and other helpers who pushed me to communicate what I stand for, door-to-door, in forums, phone calls, interviews, website, email and other activities.

Every day on the campaign trail, I continued to learn so much about our community, myself, and the challenges and opportunities we face. I was reminded time and again that Goleta truly is the GOOD LAND. I’m more committed than ever to work together to keep it so for generations to come.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me and for Goleta’s future.


Paula Perotte

Mayor, City of Goleta