I’m determined to carefully evaluate and manage future growth to ensure that any future development is a benefit to our community and that the necessary infrastructure, especially water and road capacity, is available. Any future development should focus on providing additional housing that is more affordable. Along with these growth concerns, we must also encourage alternative transportation options, to reduce congestion at our intersections and existing roadways.


We need to encourage job creation, especially of local businesses and startups. We need to be cutting any “red tape” and encouraging entrepreneurs to continue to invest in our region. At the same time, we must be strong stewards of our city revenue and prioritize city services that benefit residents. Pending upgrades, including sidewalks and more parking for Old Town, will continue to support our local businesses.

Public Safety

Strong police and fire services are absolutely critical for Goleta to be a successful place to work and live. I’m committed to prioritizing our first responder services as well as our disaster prevention priorities to be prepared for fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters.


I’m convinced that making Goleta a leader in environmental sustainability must be a top priority. Our priceless environment, including our coastline, butterfly habitats, mountain views, water sheds and agricultural lands are critical to our high quality of life and vibrant economy. We are seizing opportunities to encourage alternative transportation, solar, and other alternative energy. Also vital is our continued strong oversight of our water supply, and the regulation of petroleum drilling, processing and transportation, as we move toward a future of renewable energy.